AWESOME hair product!


The Black Orlov
Well, most of you know the drama about my hair, highlights got it too dry etc etc...
well, I started using this! and OMG, it is amazing!!!!!

I mix a tiny bit of it with this
and I can honestly say it is one of the best things I have ever used on my thick, coarse, wavy hair!!!!!
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I love AVEENO hair products.... and someone on youtube last night was talking about the Sexy Hair products... they said it was really good stuff...


The Black Orlov

I also purchased the shampoo from Aveeno but the conditioner from the Sexy Hair Line for Thick/Coarse hair.
Seriously good stuff!


The Pink Orchid
I have thick coarse (but stick straight) hair, and I've found that coconut milk is the best deep treatment my money can buy! Sometimes mixed with a mashed avocado, and I always oil my hair after washing, either with coconut oil or some Shea butter. My hair just drinks it right up and it makes it soooooo soft.

If I decide to use "product" again though down the road, I'm bookmarking these!
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The Black Orlov
I did use the oil only and I did not get the same result as this product + the leave in

I guess each hair takes it differently, obviously.

To me the oil only is TOO oily, it sorta leathers the top of the hair but not hydrate and softens, make sense?
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I make sure to put it only on my ends and about halfway down from my scalp. Only a little bit, especially when your hair is wet, goes a long way! I had that same problem of it just sitting there until I started putting it on my hair before I blow dried or air dried.. maybe that would help you?

That's awesome - I should go get some of the leave-in!!! Thanks!
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I have a cabinet full of hair products I've tried. My hair is naturally curly and wild as **** if I don't use something. One day I stumbled upon One N Only Argan Oil - my search is over, this takes care of everything, it's all I'll ever need!
Ooh I'm happy I stumbled up on this thread! I have thick, curly hair....and I have started having serious issues with the dryness (exactly same as you BG...colour etc.). I'm going to order this...and recommit to the morrocon oil.
soo happy i found this thread! i had let my hair grow out when i was pregnant it got almost to my waist but i ended up chopping it into an Aline Bob and i dyed it red! lol i loved it but it super dried out my hair and now im back to black hair but it still unhealthy =[ , i will be ordering these !!

Dana ♥

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if you do try the Soy Renewal, will you come back and share what it smells like?

i love trying new hair stuff, but i always want to know what they smell like before buying.

.... and how it works for you!
@ MissCassie: I have thick stick straight hair too. Does the coconut oil make your hair look limp and greasy? How much do you put on and how? I'd love to have softer smoother hair.