Avoid Trax NYC

I just now saw this posting--I came here to see why some people on the bistro have not responded to me wanting to buy their ring--2 different sellers and I think I know why now..my feedback has been removed somehow?? I don't even see my name there anymore when I have sold over 20 something things and bought at least 10+
Anyhow...I tried to post a negative review on their own website where it allows you to rate a product and it never was posted either.
I have to agree--stay away from this vendor--I am not sure how they get deleted but hopefully the ladies that purchase mounts for projects will look elsewhere until they clean up their customer service and products

Another note.. they will post a picture of something they had that a jewelry manufact. made with correct proportions and all..then send you a homemade product that isn't even marked gold

this happened to my sister this summer even when I had mentioned not to buy from them! not sure what she was thinking????
ok--cool..just so I didnt get deleted..I just didn't want to tell someone it is okay and they not find me here. I just never have much time anymore for anything..even my email it seems..but hopefully when I get ready to sell a few things soon there are some ladies who can vouch for me I have sold to! Thanks for letting me know!


The Florentine Diamond
Holli, I'll vouch for you ... but before you list ANYTHING, send me a nice little PM so I can have first dibs!!!
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