Avoid moissanitediamond.com aka moisanniteisforeve

After researching many Moissanite sellers who will ship to Canada, I purchased my first Moissanite through Moissanitediamond.com and regret it. I'm out just under $300 for a pair of earrings that are so ugly there is no way I'm ever going to wear them. They're just junk IMO.

You can read more about it here and see photos of what I thought I was buying and what they actually sent me:


Avoid this place at all costs! Funny thing is they sent me a $50 gift certificate towards my next purchase with them. Yeah ... um ... NO THANKS!!!


thanks for the warning, no doubt theyve ruined moissanite for many first time buyers
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I had a very nice moissanite ring once.
Wish I never sold it! Moissanite can be very nice.
Sorry you had a bad experience first time out.
sorry you had a bad experience. I have bought from them in the past and been happy. However, please give moissanite another try - I LOVE it and would choose moissanite over any other sim or stone. I've ordered from MoissCo and they had nice stones. Also OC Diamonds on ebay - had a good experience with them too.
I saw moissanitediamond.com in the title to this thread and thought I would post about my recent experience with them. Our wedding is set for August 31 and I ordered and paid for the ring on June 25. Plenty of time for it to arrive, right?

The order was supposed to ship within 5 days of payment. However, for two weeks I logged into my account and the status of the order was: "Your order is currently being processed." On August 7, I decided to contact them. I sent an inquiiry through their form and received no response. Finally, after contacting their customer service directly by email, I was informed that my order had been cancelled and that an email informing me of this had been "sent several weeks ago" because they could not ship to a U.S. address used in conjuncion with a Canadian Credit Card.
After checking my Inbox and Spam folder, I comfirmed that no email was sent to me; when I contacted my credit card company, they confirmed that the money had been credited back on August 1, but I received no explanaion, until August 7 when I contacted Moissanitediamond's customer service directly.

Even though 99.9% of online merchants will process an order and ship it (that's typically what you do after taking someone's money), this wasn't the main issue. My issue is that they went ahead and charged my credit card, showed the order as still being processed under my order status, and then outright lied and said they had sent an email informing me of the cancellation. If I didn't contact them or my credit card company, I would still be waiting on a ring that would never have arrived. Even now, I'm going to be cutting it close to the wedding date with whatever ring I choose to order. When I log into their website, my order is STILL showing as "Your order is currently being processed." So, while I can't say anything for the rings themselves (since mine never arrived), I can certainly speak for their lack or professionalism in a market that is typically understanding and accomodating to Canadian buyers.
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