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Hi Janine!
<br>We can't put a 2.5ct in any current model of the Athena. The Athena is a 'unibody' ring, meaning its specifically carved as one single wax. So, to change center stone sizes, we have to recarve a new wax, make a new mold and master, etc.
<br>We are going to work on going back through our line to add more size options, but they all have to be done as completely new models. Some of the solitaires, such as the Aldora premiere, are 'plug and play' models, where we can add in different center prongs and assemble that way.
<br>So, right now we don't have an option for the 2.5ct center and Athena. We'll try to have it available later this year, once we can get caught up on some of the other designs already under way such as matching wedding bands.
<br>Best regards,