Asha Restock!

Hello there!

I am having some issues getting in contact with Better Than Diamonds customer service and was wondering if anyone knows if BTD's plans to restock their supply of Asha's anytime soon (particularly their larger rounds in the H color. e.g. 9mm H round). I check often to see if their supply has been replenished, but it seems they never stock back up! Does anyone know if BTD's has future plans to discontinue the process of making and selling Asha stones! Any insight would be greatly appreciated! Thanks:)
Re: Asha distribution info for Newbies - Please read

Does anyone know if BTD will be restocking their supply of round Asha stones anytime soon? I am in the market for a 9mm H round. Does BTD plan to stop producing and selling Ashas because they never are available in the size and color I want! Thanks
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