Asha or diamonart?

Hi all,
I'm new to this forum and also new to the world of simulated diamonds. I recently purchased a diamonart ring from JCPenney. It looks nice and comes with a lifetime warranty, so if the stone clouds up, gets scratched, etc. they will fix or replace it. I really want something as diamond like as possible and in certain lighting, this ring does look very diamond like. However I've noticed in some lighting, such as at the grocery store or mall, it sparkles like a disco ball, showing every color of the rainbow, and is very white. So, my question is, if I were to purchase an Asha, would the Asha have a steelier look with more depth and less rainbow? Or, am I just expecting too much from a simulant? I hate to spend money and replace what I already have if the Asha is comparable to what I already have in appearance. I realize that the Asha is more durable, but with the warranty on my diamonart ring, I'm not as concerned about that since the stone can be replaced for free? I've also considered a wink CZ if it looks as realistic as an Asha.
I've posted several pics of my ring below and would very much love any feedback.