Asha color comparison (v5, but perhaps instructive)


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Hi all,
I dug out some old color comparison photos that might be helpful since a number of people had been asking about H color...

These are v5, sunlight and show you an E color Asha vs. an H/I Asha. (And if you are asking why don't we take v6 sunlight here right now

Note that the 'white dots' are just the sunlight being reflected around and not actually a part of the stone.

Anyway, see if these are helpful and if so, we can try to shoot some newer ones in the spring.

Best regards
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Wow, thanks so much for this Less! This is really great, to finally see the 2 side by side. And now we can just link this post to anyone who asks.

Either way, they're beautiful stones, no matter what colour someone orders!
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wow that's so awesome thanks!!!
Looking forward to more pics!
They are both stunning , I can't figure out which one I like better LOL
In terms of math E color should be preffered maybe but when i look into these two compared i would go with H strangely...because it has a SOLID white/yellow tint to it while E has a TRANSPARENT character specifically talking about the 3rd picture.Thus making H a more natural look and giving E a more glassy look.

In fact a comparison done on a jewel board under spotlight with both only board moving and only light moving would give us the ultimate comparison.

Lessw, is it possible that you compare v6 for us.

This a tad bit hard to decide, while your eyes says H your mind says E this way.