Anyone wear a mouth guard while sleeping?


The Imperial Diamond
If so, how is it? Is it comfortable?

I have been breaking my teeth since last year. Had two broken back teeth in October, and broke a crown while on vacation... Who breaks a crown???? I did... Dentist was amazed and told me it should have lasted me at least 20 years... He put it in about 4 years ago.

Day I went to the dentist, I broke one of the teeth I broke in October... And instead of popping the resin fillings, I was missing a chunk of my own tooth. I will have a metal filling put in next week because metal is harder and more resistent than porcelain. This is the very last upper tooth, so it won't be noticeable.

Dentist also said he sees abration marks in my teeth, especially the backs and he thinks I'm a teeth grinder. This is getting ridiculous and expensive!
He should've been able to tell you that you are a teeth grinder from the beginning. Doesnt your jaw the morning?? I wear one to sleep. I had braces and retainer trays and i was grinding through them. It's molded like a retainer but super thick so I can bite on it. I only have the top one and my bottom teeth dont get covered up.


BTD Crown Jewel
I have one, I grind my teeth. I knew I was grinding before my dentist could see any damage from it. It is fine to sleep in, I don't mind it at all actually.


The Imperial Diamond
Funny thing is my jaws don't hurt, but I do get constant headaches.

He never mentioned that I might be a grinder, but I have been feeling anxious and stressed lately, so that might be why I'm grinding. I do need to de-stress.

I wore braces as a teen, and the retainers would give me nausea. I have a strong gag reflex! Can I have a guard made that only covers my teeth and not the roof of my mouth? I can see myself not wearing it if it will make me gag.