Anyone want to be weight loss buddies?

Got great news today, we have finally after 18 months been granted planning permission to build a new home on some land we own

With that in mind there was a celebration dinner tonight and my parents want to take us out tomorrow. The aim this week is just not to gain!
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lol, kanga, that made me laugh. I may in fact be muscle, as I haven't cheated at all and even cut out berries again. I had a long stall once before, and maybe that is just happening again. I am trying to stay motivated to stick at it though.
Sara, maybe I will do that with you...induction is so tedious, but if I had a buddy to do it with, that would help.

Congrats on everyone's good work!!!
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No weight loss for me but I need to exercise for any diet to work. I haven't been well and can't work out, but once I am back to normal I will start. I am trying not to be disheartened about the lack of weight loss. It will happen, I would become quite unwell if I forced the fitness side of things now, but I might be able to start in a couple of weeks
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Avoiding the scales, took a week off and ate everything in sight, I feel heavy but my clothes are no tighter. I'm going to be a saint this week to regain some balance!


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I have stopped weighing myself as well right now. My trainer said to stay off the scale for a few weeks... just eat right and keep doing my work out, so that is what I am doing. I hit the gym 4 times last week, and 3 so far this week.
And I have not cheated, although I am still eating fruit. That is the best I can do right now.
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Day 16

Hello ladies!
Been crazy busy so haven't been able to touch base. How's everyone doing?
I had gotten off track for a week due to be being extremely light headed but have now gotten back into my 'no craving zone' and am doing great! I've almost been loosing a pound a day!

Have set a mini goal for 14.4 lbs down by October 15/2011, friends wedding. If my body keeps responding to my food and workout routine, I should be able to do! long as I control my self at her shower on sunday and her stagette on the 1st...

Starting Weight: 170.8 lbs
Todays Weight: 164.4 lbs
Lost: 1.8 lbs *Happy Dance!*
Lost to date: 6.4 lbs
To goal: 29.4 lbs

Mini goal: 14.4lbs to go!


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lulu_1986 said:
Avoiding the scales, took a week off and ate everything in sight, I feel heavy but my clothes are no tighter. I'm going to be a saint this week to regain some balance!
Come on Lulu!!!!!!! You can do it!!

Jcent, have no worries,.you are a working out machine!!!

sparkles!! 1 pound a day!! Falling over here!!!
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I need some free inspiration each day too...

Thanks Kanga, I will keep at it, but I do feel quite discouraged really. I peeked at the scale this morning, I don't know why, but I have no self control, and I gained another freakin' pound...AHHHHH, soooooo annoying. My DH said it is muscle since I worked out really hard 4 days last week, and 3 so far this week, but my pants fit the same. BOO!
Thanks Kanga!
I'll need the inspiration to avoid temptations these coming weeks FOR SURE!
Jcent, Have you measured for inch loss?? I'm sure you'll see something there!
Hey girls,

Jcent I bet you are really toning up with all those workouts and will see some inch loss, fingers crossed for you!

I am at breakeven, today I am the same weight I was 2 weeks ago. Not actually disappointing because last week I know I will have put on weight so this week I must have lost whatever I put on. Yesterday I made pancakes and syrup for hubby-to-be and I had to have some, the smell got me. It is tough and I have been lazy with my workouts. Anyone else worried about the holiday season and ruining all the progress they have made?

P.s. for those of you who enjoy sharing recipes and cookery in general I started a food blog here -
You will see those pancakes that got me!

So this week I am aiming to lose 5 pounds! Positive mental attitude!
Hey Girls,

Where is everyone? How are you all doing on your journeys? Hope you are well.

6 pounds off this week and it was super tough. I didn't stray once, zero sugar not even a bite of something yummy. Really just alot of protein and exercising.

The pressure is really on, I booked my wedding dress fitting for November 15th and need to be almost wedding weight by then. I can do it!


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Lulu!! I am so proud of you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am having a hard time getting back into it,..and I only have 15 pounds more,..and feel like I am self sabotaging myself..


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Good job Lulu!!

I have been really tired recently, so I havent made it to the gym. I am eating well though. My weight is still steady...
Just checking in after a few weeks away. I haven't fallen off the band wagon, but have been dealing with kidney stones. I ended up losing a bunch of weight unintentionally because I have been feeling lousy and not eating much. The last week or so I have been feeling better and running and lifting weights.Probably not going to measure myself for another few weeks...I know I'm smaller, but its definitely not healthy weight loss, I know I lost a lot of muscle in there. Grrr. Anyway, hope the muscle comes back quickly!


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Glad you are feeling better wind!!

I have been emotionally horrible,...and have fallen of the wagon big time!!

I need to pick it back up today!! But now I have all those carb cravings again!! cry cry!!

Lulu, are you!!
I just got my annual physical yesterday. My blood pressure and pulse were both lower than last year, which the doc said is a good side effect of exercising. I'm getting my cholesterol checked next week, since problems run in my dads family. And I've been running a lot lately. Interval training mostly, but is like to work up do some serious distance. A couple of my friends did a half marathon last weekend and it sounded like so much fun! So my goal is to sign up for a race within the next 6 months. The cooler weather means I get to go for a run right when I get home from work, which I love!

How is everyone else doing?
Hi ladies, I read ur posts and found the much needed motivation to get moving again. I found success with WW, calorie counting (via myfitnesspal and, and exercise. Therefore, will get back on track toward a healthier lifestyle.

My goal is to lose 50 lbs and maintain ideal weight for 2013 wedding.
Hi girls!Can I join?I started to eat healthy,without really being on a "diet" at the beginning of September,and since then I lost almost 30 lbs.I still have 48 to go,though,so the road is still long!I've been wanting to start an exercise routine at home for a few weeks,but for a reason or another I never did.I really need to start!
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