Anyone else like to see Less offer...

a Flanders Tiffany Cathedral ring? This is the setting my girlfriend really wants, in platinum with 4 prongs. What do you think, Less? Any plans to make one soon?


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Sure, its no problem to do this. We just take the cathedral shank, and then use the flanders head, weld together and set the stone. go ahead and just email me about this.
<br>We'll be working on breaking out all the parts of our settings so you can do this on the site (pick your shank, pick your head,etc). to allow you much more flexibility in putting together your ring.
<br>Anyway, happy to do it, just email me so I can figure out the pricing if you want to do that.
<br>Best regards,
Ok, my girlfriend (her name's Melissa, by the way) decided she wants the 1.5 carat Flanders stone. I'll just tell everyone I got a really good deal on it! Wouldn't be lying, now would I /ubbthreads/images/icons/wink.gif

I'm still trying to decide whether to have it custom made or to wait until I can pick each part of the ring myself. I still have some time, since I want to surprise her with the ring in August. Less, when you do put this option up on your website, will we be able to design the ring on the computer and see what it'll look like before ordering?

Thanks for answering all these questions.