Any vintage design lovers out there?


BTD Crown Jewel
Man, have we got some eyecandy for you!!! We've been hunting for new designers, and are pleased to announce our latest designer, Beverley K. The Beverley K. pieces are not made from cad, but the old school way of pen and paper drawings, which are then carved into a wax. All of their pieces are hand finished, hand applied mill grain, and one of the best parts...french cut gemstones are a specialty of theirs! These are a few pictures Wink took of the pieces we bought for stock, and some of the manufacture's pictures. I will be adding pieces into our website in the next few days.

I adore each & every one of the designs! It would be so hard to pick just one of them:confused:
All that engraving & milgraining makes my heart flutter:D not to mention those gorgeous little frenchies!