Any painters here?

I am into all sorts of crafty art stuff but my most recent one has been been doing mixed media paintings. Though, I have not touched any art since my Dad died in March. I am just not feeling the passion that I was, so I am waiting for the return.

Anyone want to share their paintings? I am totally a novice, as I have not taken any art classes since grade school, if that even counts. I like making things for kids and those who love more of a juvenile style.

Here are some paintings that I have made. I had planned to continue doing this and start an etsy shop and sell original and prints but haven't done so. Please do feel free to tell me your honest opinion and share your own art!

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WOW Ginger, I love them!!! I am not an artist at all, so that impresses me. I think I like the self portrait best...but they all have things that I love.


The Florentine Diamond
Oh Ginger!! I am a artist and I love them!!
My fave is the self portrait too!! Soooooooooooo cute!!

I think your art would be PERFECT for a childrens book!!
The redhead is my son with his panda bear that he takes everywhere with him. The flying blonde is my daughter who is always telling me she wishes she could fly like a bird, loves everything rainbow and wanted her painting to have a pink cat and turquoise bunny in it. The flying boy is called "A Boy's Dream", as I would imagine a boy dreaming about flying over the ocean and boats etc. He was auctioned off at my daughter's school to benefit the school. The girl with the pink hair, who everyone says is a self portrait, and that makes me laugh because it wasn't intended to be, hangs by my art space and so does the lavender girl.

Thank you ladies!
I love/loved doing them. I hope to return to making them sometime soon. I just need my passion to come back.
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That is so funny that you did not intend that to be a self portrait!! Because, although I don't know you well, that is kind of how I picture you. I certainly think you have the talent to illustrate children's books...maybe write them too.
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I think I could write and illustrate a children's book. Though I think it would be a lot of work because I am a total perfectionist and wouldn't want to write something unless it was really good. lol I am going to be thinking about this..hmm..
I LOVE crafting, but have no talent in the more "artsy" area, like drawing or painting. I love these, Ginger! I love the pink haired one (heheh!!) and I like the one with the panda, too! I'd totally buy some of your work for my apartment if you opened up a shop
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Wow, Ginger, these are so charming! Truly adorable stuff! Very whimsical with a lot of character.

I don't paint as much as I'd like, but when I do, I work in watercolor. I'm an illustrator, and work pretty much all digitally, so it's really nice to take a break from that and work traditionally once in a while.
Thank you ladies, I forgot about this thread.

Kookaburra that is so life-like in water color like that! Great job!

Asu, so cool! My niece would totally dig that, as she is really into anime and those in the like.

I love art. Its so much fun.
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Drats...this is the wrong kind of painting. I was hoping to Tom Sawyer someone into coming over to help finish a room DD and I are working on. We're having a blast scraping popcorn off the ceiling and fixing cracks in the wall...NOT!! LOL We will eventually get to some painting, I hope.

You guys are so talented! Love the little fish!!
GUYS - those are all greatly awesome! You are all truly gifted

I also do some painting and drawing...I've done several cartoonish paintings for my sister to hang in her kids' rooms and two roses for my mom (one is still unfinished
) - all are acrylic paints. I'll try to dig up some pictures to post, but my BF's daughter is getting really into art and it's making me miss when I used to draw and paint...I really want to get back into it.

Ginger, - is that acrylic and oil? I love that parts of the paintings are textured and others are smooth and I'd REALLY love to figure out how to do that!

kookooburra, I wish I could do watercolor like that...I can only do "paint by numbers" for watercolor lol

Asu - SERIOUSLY?! PEN? That's truly awesome
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