Any creative genuises here?

braziliangirl said:
I do not consider myself a genius...but, I opened my Etsy shop about 3 months ago and so far is going well...slowly, but well. Takes time.

I did Fb, Twitter, business cards, emailed friends, tell everyone, a BLOG and here...

Etsy IS competitive, but if you are good and create your own can succeed.

I make mobiles - owls, birds, etc....there are TONS of similar style....but that is when I put a spin on it. Ex.: buttons, etc.

Good luck, if you want to talk more contact me ;O)
Do you have some advice on Twitter? I signed up and then deleted as I was not quite sure what it exactly was and how to use it for my shohp? got nervous - hit delete. I had a personal FaceBook page a while back but deleted that tiring of the creepy notes - however, my son keeps telling me to do it for my shop. Any advice here? :0) What do you use each for exactly? I do have a blog and I post product reviews there and my coupon codes (also post those on Etsy). :0)
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Hi. On FB I post (as often as I have time) new stuff...and also 'like' other artists/shops that I like....supporting others help to bring traffic too.

With Twitter I just follow things art related or stuff for babies...etc, things that interest me, and I post here and there the new mobiles/ornaments.

Both are open to public so you are bound to get 'some' traffic....even if someone sees on a friend's page, etc.

Best of luck to you.
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