Another scratch?


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Hi - You already posted the same thing on FB, and we replied there..please clean the stone, and you can test by dragging your fingernail across it to see if it is a scratch or not, or take it to a local jeweler to inspect. It's not really possible to confirm what it is or is not from photos, ,and in either case, the blemish looks quite tiny and will have no effect on the long term health of the stone or day to day beauty.

That being said, I quite resent your approach and attitude here. You could have had the courtesy to contact us directly and/or at least only post in one spot so we don't have to respond multiple times. Otherwise, it looks like we are ignoring you for viewers on that platform if we don't respond everywhere you shotgun posted, but it's seems your intent is not simply to get assistance given the multi-post blast with biased claims.

As we discussed nearly two years ago - the Amora is extremely hard (among the hardest gems on the planet) but it is not 'scratch proof'.
Even diamonds can be scratched for reference, though chipping is the bigger risk for diamond, and banging it against a diamond can potentially scratch it (just as the diamond can potentially chip).
Obviously were sorry if it is in fact a scratch but we already provided substantial support before at great expense to us and none to you (shipping both ways, paying the gem lab to inspect if it really was a scratch, etc., never got a word of thanks for it even though we literally shut down our production line and recalibrated just to repolish your single stone, since it was an Ultra and not an Eternity..
So to come here and complain about all the help we did provide at substantial expense to us (including repolishing your ring, re-rhodiuming, etc) certainly does not put us in any position to assist. (and again, we have no obligation to do so).
We gave you multiple options at that time nearly two years ago, including time estimates for each, so the 'four months' aspect is disingenious given that we advised it would take some time and you agreed to proceed and made your selection from the array of choices we provided including much faster (and easier for us) options, again even though we had no obligation to do that. And as we did note then, that since having a scratch was so uncommon we had concerns that if you couldn't isolate what caused it the first time, it may just repeat after we repaired.
Hopefully it's not a scratch but follow the steps above to see.