Amora Eternity stud earrings - nice customer feedback


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Just received a really nice review on our Amora Eternity stud earrings:
I received the ear rings this morning and they are gorgeous! My wife loves them. Thank you for such rapid delivery. I ordered them late in the day yesterday and received them this morning. Amazing service!!"

Thanks very much to this customer for taking the time to write.
Please note - We're currently down to the last of our Amora studs in 1.05ct each ear and .80ct each ear...we likely won't have any restocks any time soon due to growth issues for that size. Thus likely to be the last chance for those sizes. We will have more .50ct and 1.50ct though:
Amora Eternity Stud Earrings, Universal Pricing

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I had two amora ultras made into stud earrings several years ago and they are just as stunning and diamond like as ever! My local jeweler thought they were diamonds this whole time until recently I mentioned something about Amora and he was shocked. They are so incredibly beautiful:). Thanks Less for making such a great product. I wish I could upgrade them for the eternities but the ultras are still beautiful thankfully!