Alternative to Amora Custom Cuts

I've been searching the posts with limited success, so I'll ask it out right.
Given we can no longer buy the Amora fancy/custom cuts, what is the best alternative?
Specifically I'm looking for an oval cut for an engagement ring. I'm not looking for the best value as described by the Phoenix Moissanite marketing. Rather, I'm looking for the best gem. At this point my options look like Phoenix Moissanite, Forever One C&C, Signature Oval Moissanite by Rhino (I have no idea what this really is), or Lab Grown Diamonds (BTD doesn't even sell Takara in oval).

I just looked up Rhino, and have no fear. The man, Jonathon, is a reputable dealer. If I remember right, I think he's the inventor of the August Vintage Cuts. He owns Good Old Gold or Good O'l Good and he has tutorial videos on diamonds on youtube, so, he's EXTREMELY trustworthy, and I can guarantee he's got excellent diamonds and other stones. He's definitely not a rip off.