All our rings will be sized using laser - effective immediately!


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Hi all,
I'm pleased to announce that we've made a big improvement for all of our rings.
As of today and forward, we will be resizing all our rings via laser.
Why does this matter? When you resize via laser, you literally melt the metal together and effectively 'cast in place' the metal so that there is no sizing seam/weak area.

By contrast - normal sizing via torch involves using a solder to 'glue' the metal back together at the seam.
Thus, normally sized rings always have a weak point at the very bottom of the ring where it was sized.
Over time, due to the hits, flexing and stress, the weakened seam and solder slowly weaken resulting in either the seam visibly showing, or worse, the solder flaking out and eventually the ring pops or cracks and has to be redone.

As noted - with the laser sizing, the laser melts the metal together so it's effectively a seamless ring shank again.

This is another step, along with using the high pressure densification for our platinum and palladium, to try and ensure we offer the most advanced, strong and seamless rings we can.

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That is such good news! I have had more than one ring pop open at the seam in the past.I hope it becomes the normal way to resize rings by all jewellers in the future.