Agape Diamonds Reviews

Takara also has a few.

Gemesis has by far the most. Many stores sell Gemesis without disclosing where they came from. Currently Gemesis is claiming about 15% less than mined, although it's very hard to compare as every diamond is different and Gemesis has their stones graded by IGI, which is not as consistent as GIA and AGL. The standard advice to mined diamond buyers is to only look at GIA and AGL because otherwise you never know what you are paying for. IGI is far better than most labs though, some of which exist only to assist sellers in ripping off consumers.

The place lab diamonds really sparkle is with the colored stones. Those are much, much cheaper than the mined counterparts. That is, they cost about as much as WHITE mined diamonds.

Lab diamonds haven't really taken off. I think it's because people have unrealistic expectations of what they should cost. Some of it is media driven, but by far the most confusion comes from scam artists like Agape selling $5 stones for $500.

At this point you may wish to consider other options. There are a lot of things you can do to get the price of your ring down while still having a attractive ring. A lower color, lower clarity, well cut, slightly smaller stone will outperform a poorly cut stone with "better" stats for example. And you can always look at rubies and sapphires.
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Hi everyone, new to the forum and I need so advice. My very very sweet fiance (who usually is very level headed and does his research when purchasing big ticket items, so I don't know what came over him in this instance) recently gave me an Agape Diamond Engagement ring, with free earrings as a gift with purchase. This is both of our third marriage so having a diamond wasn't super important to me (been there done that), I even told him I would be happy with another stone like Tanzanite. Unfortunately he fell victim to the Agape company line and purchased thinking he was getting a SYNTHETIC not knowing there was a difference between synthetic and simulant. He paid WAY TOO MUCH for what is a CZ with a fancy description. So here is my dilemma do I tell him and break his heart and have him feel like an idiot and be mad he is out over $1000 (because this company does not give refunds under any circumstances that I have found in my research) OR do I keep this secret to myself and spare him the emotional upset because nothing can be done anyway. It has already begun to scuff and get loose in the setting. Honestly the scuffing looks like it may very well become a chip soon if I'm not careful and my local jeweler is hesitant to tighten the prongs that it may break the stone.