Actual stone size chart

hmmm i'm confused. on the first pdf it says that a 2 ct asscher is 7.5 mm. but on the btd site their 2 ct asscher is 7.0 mm. i wonder why the .5 mm difference? maybe the depth of a ND differs from the depth of an asha?
Door said:
Here is another chart with the image of the actual diamond.
That is the Amazon pdf altered to include pics of the stones vs. drawings. In my spare time I am working on creating two modifications of this pdf: one for Moissanite and one for Asha stones. Both will contain all of the cuts and carat weights of available stones. I will make them available on our site once they are ready (and provide the links here).
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I agree. They list a 2.50 carat Emerald Asha as 9 X 7. I figure that 2.50 carat should be 9.5 X 7.5. As when I ordered an Emerald sim from another company the two carat was listed as 9 X 7. Hope that helps
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