Actual stone size chart

Thanks for this. This explains why a 2.21ct OMC that I tried on looked so big, and why a 2ct Royal Asscher looks bigger than my BTD asscher...
Hey guys! I'm glad y'all found it helpful!

I went looking for something to show me how big 4mm was and I thought this was just too cool! Like we need more help spending money, right?
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Spank you very much Kari!

I was wondering why my 1.25ct EC looked so much bigger than my 1ct Radiant. Your chart makes the difference clear.
love the chart! printed it out, and it's now going to sit right by my monitor- makes it alot easier to see just how big is big

although it gave me some definate shrinkage... time for new projects
5 ct asscher, here I come!!!
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Kari, this is a great chart, you should always ask for the millimeter size on different stones, because that is what you actually see. A one carat diamond is about 6.5mm and a one carat sapphire about 6mm because sapphires are heavier. Personally I would rather know how big it looks than what it weighs. A stone can be belly cut and deep and all that carat weight goes to waste under the mounting, unless of course you need it for saturation of color in certain types of stones.


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Ok, what am I doing wrong, whenever I click on the link, I just get a blank screen, and then my computer acts weird!
I wanna see too! Help the reject folks, what am I doing wrong here!
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Thanks Wink! I think we do have it
Sounds like I need dh to investigate.
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