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Sparkles, I feel your pain. I have bought and sold several pieces of diamond jewelry, just to fund another. Each one I sold was certainly my loss, as I usually only sell for half the price I paid. Now I finally have an ER that I love and will hopefully be satisfied with forever. However, I am really looking forward to getting to know the sims. I didn't realize there was so much "good stuff" out there! YAY!
Pawn shops by nature, never give a person what nearly the true value of his/her jewelry is worth. (in my experience, although, I have only pawned one item in my life through a pawn) I think what people locally or on ebay would pay for your ring, will probably show you more of the value. Just my two cents.
I'm sorry to hear about your trouble!! I was an econ major in college and I wrote a paper about the structure of the diamond industry. It completely changed my idea of the "precious" nature of diamonds:( Good luck!


looking back, i'm shocked... we spent so much on my engagement ring. neither of us (at the time) knew much about diamonds... thankfully we inadvertantly made a good choice.

something about being so wrapped up in the moment, the "fiancee high". i of course wanted the best, he wanted to give me the best. he wanted to show my family he could take care of me... even if was out of our means.

my diamond is large. if i had it to do over, i probably would have gone smaller. would have bought from somewhere else. would have done a lot of things differently.

but i'm thankful that we did make a good choice even without our knowing it, we could have done a lot worse! its a lovely diamond. and i'm also thankful that i've found the world of sims to satisfy my sparkly cravings economically!!


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I know how you feel MrsB... My original ER has a half carat diamond. I cringe when I think of what he paid for it... But I love it the same...
We know much better now!
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I have been doing alot of reading and have found the mark up for most diamonds is 100 to 200% and resaling is usualy about 60% of its actual value at most. That is if you can find someone to buy it. Diamonds are forever only because you cant get rid of them. The sooner people stop being so materialistic and start being real they will be much happier. Good luck. what kills me is that simulates cost half the price but the real thing is only worth half thier price and that is with a nice profit thrown in.


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Kareberry said:
tricksi said:
Well keep in mind some vendors do allow for 100% trade in for the diamonds they sell. So if you bought one for $2000 and five years later you want a larger one, you exchange back the diamond you originally bought from them and they will credit you the whole amount on a more expensive stone. You have to search around for a diamond vendor that will do that...
Does Good Old Gold do that? Anyone know?
I believe that GOG does do that, as does Wink, one of our trusted BTD vendors. I also have it on good authority that Wink buys back any of his Crafted by Infinity diamonds for 80% of what they sold for should you ever tire of the diamond for any reason. There are not many of us who do THAT!


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Oh, and by the way, we have no minimum trade up. Want to trade up for $100, done. We had one lady trade up four times on her diamond in about fourteen months total, some of the trades within weeks of each other. One of the trades was for literally $200, the total of all of them, a little over 3k on a stone she originally spent over 5 for.

I totally understand that vendors, B&M's need to make a profit and am fine with it. I do feel bad that some major mall chains and jewelers can sell I1 diamonds at VS Ideal cut prices because they are counting on the consumer not knowing the difference. That is beyond sad.

Most pawn shops, and B&M's in the Midwest won't even consider buying a diamond under one carat. They can't sell them right now. A .5 carat diamond even VS goes for about $250 on ebay presently. So there is no investment in diamonds for most of us.

But still we love them.....


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i'm in the midwest and i haven't seen a diamond over .25 carats in a pawn shop!

(i know that wasn't your point ... just a note aside *^_^*)
We recently took some of my MIL's jewelry to a few places here in the Midwest. Both of the men said her 1ct Heart diamond was worth nothing to them. They wouldnt even price it, because they couldnt resell it.

I had one of the men in a higher end jewelry store look at my wedding ring. It is a .70 round diamond, and they said maybe $500. And that the setting was worthless.


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i just went into a jewelry store today to see if they had any oec's that i could look at - and the guy was kind of rude about it saying that people buy them, but the color and clarity are usually so low and that the cut faces up so small that it's not worth the money to buy them ... he said someone tried to sell him a few oec's and he could only offer about 1500 for all of them and the carat weights added up to about 5 carats ... i don't know - it made me sad


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Ha! I made the mistake to go into a jewelry store one day. I was walking down the street and saw a bracelet I liked and went in to see how much it cost. Now this is an upscale jewelry store with brands such as Damiani, Morellato, Chimento, and they sell Lazare diamonds among other brands.

They had a teeny tiny Lazare diamond ring with three square EC stones, so me, the EC nut, had to ask how much... Well it was over $10,000 for a 50-point center with 25-point sides. I kept chatting with the saleslady who was making patetic attempts to make a sale (I work in sales, so I know patetic, LOL) and she tells me in a sultry voice: "Jewelry is just an investment... It never loses its value"... I'm sorry, and I never meant to be rude, but I just burst out laughing and replied "Yeah, try selling it 5 years down the road... Good luck with the investment".

I have practically given jewelry I paid a lot for away...
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I went to visit a relative the other day that still lives where I used to. There was this jewelry store that I probably visited twice a week, every week! LOL I got to know the owner- one of the most honest and nice people you could ever meet. I popped in to say hello. I was so sad when I left- he told me that he is closing his store at the end of March because he just can't stay afloat anymore. He said trade prices have gone up while customer spending has gone down. He is selling pieces for nothing. It is so sad!
It's retail. But with probably a smaller markup than a brick & mortar store. Some PS vendors do not have a full-service store anymore. They work out of home offices.