a long ering story. Chapter one

Hello all! I justed wanted to tell my ering story and why I am desperately seeking sparkle.

Chapter one:
My now husband first brought up marriage after we had been dating for a year. He brought it up after giving me a blue Tiffany box in front of his entire family during gift exchange our first Christmas. Now, what would appear to have been a gift worthy of fainting was actually a cheap Ann Klein watch disguised in blue. I could hardly contain my disappointment. I blushed in embarrassment as I obliged my now bil when he said, "Let me see that." "oh." and he handed it back. Later, I overheard him tell his trustfund wife, "My brother is cheap." Later, after everyone left I approached my now husband crying. He asked what was wrong, but he was so sweet I couldn't throw the box at him. And I'm not Diva enough to tell him why. I said, "I miss my mom," Well, this was true as she had passed away 14 months earlier, just not at that moment. To comfort me he said, "I went and looked at rings yesterday."(At Tiffany's, yeah right. the box was his mother's---trash) Annoyed, I told him I wanted to wait until I graduated college before even thinking about getting married, sniffling. This was true, partly as I had no money for a wedding even if there was a ring in that box. But, what bothered me was how he thought I would think a cheap watch would look better in the blue box. And was that all I was worth to him? Mind you, if he had left the watch in it's original box I don't think I would have cried of embarrassment. Disappointed, maybe. (You just don't do that to a woman, guys!) Well, judging by the expression on his face after I said that, I guess both of our bubbles broke that day. My now husband never uttered marriage again for two years.

Chapter Two will be on a seperate post
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Ooooooooh! You're a mean one, aren't you???!!! <img src=''http://talk.jewelry/styles/default/xenforo/smilies/graemlins/default/mad.gif'' alt='''' /> About making us wait for future installments, I mean. <img src=''http://talk.jewelry/styles/default/xenforo/smilies/graemlins/default/grin.gif'' alt='''' /> I'm on the edge of my seat for 'The Rest of The Story'. <img src=''http://talk.jewelry/styles/default/xenforo/smilies/graemlins/default/cool.gif'' alt='''' /> <img src=''http://talk.jewelry/styles/default/xenforo/smilies/graemlins/default/cool.gif'' alt='''' /> <img src=''http://talk.jewelry/styles/default/xenforo/smilies/graemlins/default/cool.gif'' alt='''' />
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Ooooooooh! You're a mean one, aren't you???!!!
About making us wait for future installments, I mean.
I'm on the edge of my seat for 'The Rest of The Story'.

I agree! I am waiting too! Hmmmm, Did you ever get the ring in the little blue box
! Mel
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The Imperial Diamond
Yeah me too. I want to know what kind of ring you got!

BTW, my husband, then boyfriend used to tease all the time that he didn't have any money because he invested it all on a business, so I wasn't expecting a ring. The "investment" was the ring itself!
...and i thought all these gorgeous sparkly pics were the torture around HERE...fess up girlfriend...we neeeeedd Chapter 2(is it a murder mystery???)


The Pink Orchid
Ok, flash...honey...darlin'...we need to talk. this is simply UNACCEPTABLE!!!! What are we supposed to do? Entertain ourSELVES? Ooooh, hey look, something shiney!!! :::Walking away:::