A bad experience with ebay seller empire26

I am still finalizing a setting for my diamond and called this ebay seller empire26 to ask them a few questions about a setting they had. Once the lady I spoke with found out I have a local GIA appraiser who I would be sending the ring to if she sold it to me, her tone changed dramatically. I didn't use it as a threat just mentioned that I wanted to be sure she would accept a return if my appriaser notes any issues with the metal. I don't think I've ever encountered such rudeness and I have talked to a few new york dealers who were not very nice. Her tone became extremely curt and conceited and I spent a few hours today feeling really bad, as if I had done something wrong. I feel sorry for men who shop for engagement rings that get treated like that; imagine the blow to a guy's ego once a seller like empire26 realizes that perhaps he can't afford a ring he likes. There is a difference between letting a sale go and disrespceting people. My theory is that certain ebay vendors start behaving this way if they realize that their jewelry might come under scrutiny for what it is. So they would rather chase educated people away with rude treatment than risk having a return or negative feedback. I had a similar experience with a few vendors but this one was rude enough that I am angry enough to say something. I normaly would never share something about a vendor but this one deserves it.
I have also had very good experiences with some ebay vendors; but overall I'm on guard.
So, there it is! Be forewarned:)


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Wow! I'm so sorry that happened to you!
Most of the Ebay sellers I've dealt with always readily agreed with me to have my jeweler check whatever I buy from them. Especially the ones who aren't stores but people like you and me who are selling their own private collection.

The one thing I don't like is whether it's a jewelry store or cellphone store, the second I walk in they look at me like I have a "sucker" sign on me. To be fair, that mostly happens in cellphone stores, but same idea. I happen to be very tech savvy, much to their chagrin. I also know how the terms of the contracts work and so forth.

Don't trust this seller if they don't stand behind their product. I sure wouldn't. If it would make you feel any better talk to them and tell them you're angry that they were so rude. Explain to them that you want to be sure of what you're getting and always do this regardless of where or who you purchase from.

Thanks for the heads up! Maybe I should mosey over there and have a peek.
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