6mm RB bezel necklace

After losing one of my earrings, I decided to turn the lone bezel stud into a pendant. Now I had a 6mm RB in a bezel'd pendant not long ago. I sold it because it felt too big with everything else I had going on. I was sure when this was done, I would sell it. But I gotta say, this thinner bezel and open back made all the difference in the world. I love this.

6mm RB moissanite unenhanced / classic/ standard or whatever the kids are calling it these days.
14k YG
adjustable 16"-18" chain
David Klass added the chain and removed the half moon on the back of the stud.

and some perspective shots of the whole shebang (2cttw earrings, Finn stack and Tiffany T)
Gorgeous! The milgrain on that bezel was incredible! Can I ask, does the pendant lay properly or does it flip over?
I would say it lays properly for the most part. I can tell because the pointy butt of the stone does actually poke me. I think it flips a bit but it always comes back to straight. I can feel it spinning like if I'm bending down or something, but I have never had to physically point it straight again. But honestly, I kinda like the pointy side too. I've been toying with the idea of getting a band made with pointy side up for awhile now. I think it's kinda cool and edgy.