6ct round

Wow deb, that setting is excuisite!! Yeah, I think I could live with it too!

I understand why he made the prongs like he did, but I am a sucker for claw prongs. That's the only change I would make. It really is a knockout though!
I love the wide prongs. They really need to come back into style

And did I mention that I've suddenly got major shrinkage on my 9mm round? Hahahaha

If I didn't fear mugging I would not bat an eyelash at wearing that 6 ct ring. Bold and beautiful is my favorite combination.
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That was gorgeous. I love the color of the stone from the side, although it seemed like it faced up a different color. Those prongs were pretty too.


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I've never seen a setting quite like that. That's what got my attention. After drooling over the 6ct of course....
I love that the under gallery is finished as well. But, I agree about having the claw the prongs.
I adore Mark Broumand pieces and have always wondered how come they don't seem to get much love here or on PS? Does he have CS issues or something? He creates some of the most fabulous and interesting settings. I do know he uses a lot of EGL stones and that may not appeal to some. I contacted him once about a fashion ring on his site and whether or not it could be customized slightly and he answered back super fast and was very friendly, and I think it was him and not a rep, so I've always been curious about why he isn't mentioned more.

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CandiMc said:
That link takes me to a 4ct round. Guess it means 6ct total weight? Too big and too much for me either way. But you all go ahead. LOL!
yes, the center stone is 4ct. then the shank is pave, and there are two bands that are covered with pave, which i guess totals out to 6ctw.

not my thing, either
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I'm not crazy about it with the band but I do love all the work around the basket. I wouldn't turn it down! lol

I'm not sure why he isn't talked about much. He has some really beautiful pieces.


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It says 4ct on the link, but at the top of the video it says 6.01. Weird. Either way, it's a beautiful round!!!


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My mind is always blown by how much time must be spent setting each and every single one of those tiny stones. The craftsmanship really is out of this world!