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I have been very happy with purchases from this vendor as well as several other members. I would highly recommend this seller.


The jeweler's name is Alb Bermeo and he and his staff are fantastic to work with. Their workmanship is impeccable. They sell diamonds, mountings and also do custom design and repairs. They also do a good job of setting sims.

He is great with communication and turnaround time.

He is awesome to work with! I have one of his WG rings, very heavy gold, very affordable. He is currently working on several projects for me, he replies lightening fast, offers great suggestions, and goes way out of his way to help. He is helping me with a custom setting for a pair of earring, and he is emailing ideas within an hour!

He did the 3 repairs on 3 different items in 72 hours, all sims.

He is also fun to talk to on the phone!

Dana ♥

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thanks to poppyseed, i sent off four rings to be tweaked (three to be sized, and one stone switch) and all total, i paid not much more than my local jeweler wanted for sizing just one ring (with no stones or anything fancy, even).

according to the delivery confirmation, my items were delivered to him on Jan 11th, and they were returned to me today (Jan 25th)
and considering there was a holiday in there, and the Christmas backlog that might not have been quite finished.... i'm very happy with the speed in which things were done!

as far as i can tell, everything is beautiful and flawless and i plan to have him do some more projects for me in the future.
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Just recently had the pleasure of having a ring made for me by Alb. I sent him my old ring with my Asha OEC to be remounted into one of his advertised fishtail mountings. I requested a heavier shank and he was happy to oblige.

I mailed it off to him, and had the ring back in my hands in 7 working days!

The workmanship is excellent, the ring is well made and the heavier shank gives the ring substantial heft. I am very happy with this experience and would recommend his services.

The link to pics is here.......


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poppyseed said:
and also, just let me know if I can help you with a quote or custom design etc.

How rude of me to forget Poppyseed and all that she did to make this ring possible.

Thanks Sweetie!
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Sorry this review is so late!

I had my first transaction with Amcor Designs/Alb a few weeks ago. I couldn't have been more pleased with the service and the workmanship.

I will definitely use them again...when I'm feeling bling budget richer
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Just an FYI, Alb is always happy to take scrap gold, when you are purchasing from him. He pays very well for scrap and he will use it to off-set your project price.
yeah...be sure you get your money's worth. man...i have gotten hosed on selling some of my 22carat gold
i can't even talk about it without feeling stupid.

oh well...you live and learn i guess
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