"3 Years On"....An Amora Gem customer review we just received


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Hi all,
Very happy to share this extremely nice review we received today from a customer who purchased, not recently, but 3 years ago :)

"3 Years On..." Amora Gem customer review:
"My now husband and I purchased a stone from you coming on three years ago now, and I’m still as in love with my Amora as the day we got engaged.
It’s isnt dull, it has not gone cloudy, it has not lost any brilliance- it is as beautiful as ever. Sure it gets the usual days dirt on it, but I clean it once a week if I’m being really good, otherwise every couple of weeks. Even when it’s dirty it still looks amazing.
The best choice we ever made was to go with an Amora- they are just as beautiful as a diamond, if not more, and I’m always getting complimented on how much it sparkles.
Thank you for producing such a beautiful stone. "

We are very appreciative of this customer taking the time to write, esp 3 years after the fact!
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