3 + carat takara

Hi all,

I was wondering if anybody knows whether 3.0-3.5 carat takara diamonds will eventually be released? Is this something BTD are working towards?

If anyone know timescales that would be even better...

Thanks for any input!
Hi Becky,

Yes; they'll be releasing larger ones in the near future. Just don't know how soon. I've already added my name to their waiting list for a 3.0 carat Takara; you might want to do the same. I'm hoping they'll have that size or larger soon. Lately I've been thinking of contacting them in case they have a better idea on how soon that will be. I'm glad for your post. Can't wait to read their reply!

Thanks for the update Aqua! I can't wait either! I was too scared to jump in and buy from a company other than BTD that I dont know well or cant guarantee a good cut. What made you wait for the 3+ carat Takara to arrive?

Keep us all posted on the reply you get about when they will be released...

If anyone else has an update, please do chime in.