22k gold question


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Hi Megan,
I'm personally extremely leery of anything over 14K gold when it's holding a stone.

One example - a long time ago, we did a ring for a customer where they insisted the prongs had to be 18K. I gave them the full warning about how it's too soft, etc. we only do 14K for safety, but they insisted.

Six months later they were up in arms, angry that the stone fell out one morning and blaming us in angry emails lol. It happened at home so they still had the stone, but it was all our fault the stone came out :)
We changed it to 14K and then told them they were not allowed to order from us again, since they blamed us after we expressly told them the risk and recommended against it.

The only difference here is that it is a bezel, which provides a 360 grip vs say 4, 6 or 8 points of contact, but rose cuts tend to be high dome stones and the risk is even higher with 22K!
I would be concerned that the height would make it more prone to being hit on the top, with more frequency due to the height. That would lever the stone against the bezel, eventually letting it loosen and worst case, slip out and you likely wouldn't notice until you got home without a stone.

Summary - recommend you pass unless you want to keep the stone fully insured and can mentally deal with the emotions that you might lose your center stone.
One idea - You might ask if they are willing to recast into 14K for you though?

Hope that helps!