2012 Put a Face to the Name


Well, I can only kind of see your hair, and I can't see your non pink eye at all. But from what I can tell, I'm thinking it's pretty rock-n-roll Olive-ish, and that's a good thing indeed.
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live-love-laugh said:
Olivejuice, I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT!!! Very hip! Totally suits your personality. I'm jealous! I wish I had the nerve to rock that look.
It looks weird in the picture because of the filter. The color is much more even, not so light in the front.

Thanks Hadley
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You know how I am ... not one for a straight on normal photo shoot. LOL
Here is one with a crayon filter - that's the front of it. So just look at the two together haha


live-love-laugh said:
You two are adorable in this picture! Has anyone ever commented that you two have the same eyes as one another?

I also love how your ring made a sneak appearance too!

Awww arent' you sweet! No one has - I never noticed it until now. How funny is that? I know I sold that ring too! Eerytime I see it I wish I still had it...thank you so much for your kind words!
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You know how they say the longer a couple is together that they start to look alike? Maybe that's what's going on here now!

Some days my fiance and I get ready separately and when I see him we are wearing matching outfits. I love when that happens! Not sure if he thinks it's quite as cute as I do when that happens though....
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True! I have heard that! My husband and I do the same thing. Although I could swear he does it to irritate me. If I am wearing jeans and a black shirt he will go change! He is a mess but I love him!
Is it me or are the posters on the BTD forums particularly good looking people!?

Edited to add - with extraordinarily good taste in sparklies?
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