2.04ct Takara! First Super Ideal H&A Takara over 2ct size (H/VS)

Dear Less

I'm so happy to be the lucky one wearing your 2ct Takara that I wanted to share my feedback to this post and thank you again, including Dana for making this possible.

I received my engagement ring, the ring and diamond exceeded our expectations !

The diamond (2ct Takara bought) and setting was gorgeous and we can't be happier with what we purchased!

I absolutely love the ring and receive tons of compliments!

Thank you again and greetings from Europe!



Staff member
HI Beatriz,
Thanks very much for your order and for posting the kind feedback!
It's really great to see the video - the Takara and Regal look great on your hand :)

(note - I'd encourage anyone watching to view it on YouTube directly (just click the bottom right YouTube logo on the video here) as you get so much more detail in the larger window).

Thanks again Beatriz, and enjoy your beautiful ring!
Best regards,