100 Year old Tie Pin, 2 Carat Diamond with Rubies. Any Thoughts?

I received this piece from my Great Aunt. It has been in the family for over 100 years and she is ready to let it go. It was originally a tie pin, converted to a ring, now a necklace. I am looking to see if anyone knows or has seen any similar pieces. The center diamond is 2 carats, surrounded by rubies and more diamonds. Truly a fascinating piece. Not sure of its value, but I plan on getting it appraised. Any ideas? 53323270092__D25C0B13-C7AB-422D-B0C4-1B6E9DA6DF51.JPG IMG_4606.JPG


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It is a beautiful piece, congratulations. I don't know much about the value or the time period it is from, but I do think that those are sapphires surrounding the center stone. They look very blue on my monitor.