white gold

  1. S

    18k white gold vs 9k white gold

    Hi Everyone, I'd like to know the differences between 18k white gold and 9k white gold. Some of the differences between 18k and 9k yellow gold are hardness and colour, but wouldn't both of these differences be negated by the Rhodium plating of white gold? What do you think? Thanks in advance
  2. blingergrrrl

    My Forever Brilliant & Classic OEC three stone ring!

    My hubby just got a new Macro lens for his camera so I finally got some decent shots to share with you all. First the stats: Centre: 7.5mm FB OEC Sidestones: 5.5mm unenhanced but hand picked OECs Setting: 14kt white gold Cartier style (cathedral basket) three stone Finger size: 6 I love when a...