takara lab grown diamonds

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    First Takara H&A lab diamonds = E color!

    Hi all, Happy to report that the first Takara H&A lab diamonds = E color! First two Takara lab diamonds at the diamond grading lab now and while not done, they have finished color grading - both are E color! Grading lab said the H&A cutting was phenomenal. Don't know clarity yet. Full...
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    Sneak preview - Takara Super Ideal H&A pattern (cell phone snapshot, bit distorted..but nice to see!)

    Hi all, We'll have the first two Takara Super Ideal H&A rounds graded and out for sale hopefully end of next week (~ .50ct and 70ct). Here's a slightly distorted cell phone shot of the H&A pattern though so you can see the Super Ideal cutting. Note that these are being cut to the exact same...