soaring hearts

  1. J

    Green Amora Gem

    Here's a couple quick video of one of the two green Amora gems from the previous batch for anyone who's curious! I'll upload some photos later when I get the chance! Here's another video of the Amora Gem compared to a couple green moissanites I bought a while back from eBay
  2. Trabaker

    Remember that 3.11ct Soaring Hearts from Sept 22nd?

    Well.... she said yes. :D
  3. W

    Amora Gem OEC Redesign/Relaunch

    Hi there, Long-time lurker but first-time poster :) I know a lot of people are desperately waiting for SH eternity rounds, in addition to AVC and krupps, and many other cuts. Do you think / have you heard anything about BTD planning to re-design the OEC with the new software + produce it with...
  4. B

    1.97 ct. H VVS1 Amora Gem Soaring Hearts Video

    Hi Everyone, I thought I would share these two videos that Tim from Emma Parker & CO (Fine Diamond Jewelry Stores Online Seattle, WA, Lynnwood) took for me of a 1.97 ct. H VVS1 Amora Gem Soaring Hearts. I just purchased the one in the videos but last time I checked they still had one for sale...
  5. talk-admin

    Soaring Hearts H&A vs H&A Diamond - photos

    Hi all, Did a direct comparison today of a 2.79ct Soaring Hearts, H&A H/IF Amora vs. 2.25ct F/VS1 H&A (AGS-000) diamond! Soaring Hearts performed exceptionally well in comparison, with the H color looking whiter and brighter in most lighting than the F color diamond. This is simply due to the...
  6. B

    Diamond vs Amora vs Moissy

    Hey all! I saw a couple of cool videos (you can still check them out on fire and brilliances Instagram for maybe a couple more hours in their instagram story) comparing the three stones! I screen shot a couple of pics for people who wanted to see the comparison! Disclaimer: The AG used is an...
  7. B

    Depth issues with the amora gem

    Hi all, In various posts I have seen that there have been a few concerns over the amora gem not appearing to have "depth". I know the new soaring hearts may have addressed this for the round cut...but I was wondering if all the amora gem cuts have this depth issue? I'm thinking of getting a...
  8. B

    Soaring hearts pictures?!

    Anyone else itching for pics of the new AG?! After having at least 10 sold I figured there would be tons of pics on here by now!? Gahhhh! If anyone has any pics we haven't seen yet (or even if we have seen them why not lol) puhhleeeease post them!