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    Handarbeit Antique 835 Silver Tea/brunch set? Need help!

    Hello all, I am a first-time poster who is struggling to find any details on an antique silver tea and ice holder set left to us by our great grandmother. They tarnish so I know they have some amount of silver in them, and as seen in the photos, are stamped 835 or European-grade. The set...
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    Unknown silver ring. Maybe days stirWling <NRL>

    I've found a ring. I have no information on it besides I found it while cleaning my grandparents house & No one knows where it came from. Its engraved on the inside of the band "Sterling" with either a W or a S in the middle of the word, followed by NRL or MRL inside of a horizontal diamond...
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    Can someone please translate my ring receipt description?

    Bought from Helzberg Diamonds: item described as SS 1/7CTW RD DIA&BLK SAPH CLUS it's a silver ring for men but im curious about the details
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    Is 3.7mm silver necklace too thin for a man to wear?

    I was wondering if 3.7mm would be too small for a man to wear. What do you guys think? Also it is 7.72 grams and 50cm long.