phoenix moissanite

  1. Ladybug2

    Overnight Phoenix earrring studs

    Hey there! I haven’t posted anything for a looooolng time. I think the last time I did was when I had just received my Amora Gem ultras that I had set into stud earrings. I loved them then and I still love them.. they are gorgeous but I wanted another pair that are a little smaller and a little...
  2. talk-admin

    Phoenix Moissanite H&A rounds - video!

    HI all, I'm happy to show a Phoenix Moissanite H&A round in sunlight! Phoenix H&A is our maximum value brand, with about 80-85% the beauty of an Amora Eternity (and comparable or better than Forever One Moissanite) but at half the cost. Phoenix is designed to offer an ideal upgrade from CZ...
  3. talk-admin

    Phoenix Moissanite Emerald cuts now available

    Hi all, We've placed the new Phoenix Moissanite Emerald cuts out for sale. Here's a first sunshine video: Phoenix Moissanite Emerald Cut These have windmills unlike the Forever One Moissanite Emerald cuts, and in our opinion, outperform the Forever One pretty easily, but at lower pricing...