1. talk-admin

    Amora Oval H&A video - sunlight

    Hi all, Wanted to show our first quick video of the new Oval H&A! As you can see, it's light performance is exceptional. There's no bowtie effect at all due to the H&A cut design..here's a photo of a direct sunlight burst: More info on our Oval H&A page: Amora Oval H&A Best regards, Less
  2. amora


    After 6 long years of waiting for an Oval Amora Gem, I am so excited to say I FINALLY have one!!! Finally, finally, finally!!!!!!!!!!! In between the years of waiting for an Oval Amora Gem, I have owned several other Amora Gems, and I must say- the oval is my absolute FAVORITE!!!!!!! Someone...
  3. B

    Oval Moissanite Herro or JYB

    i really would love an oval stone and I like antique stones. I do not like the crushed ice look or the bow tie. Any recommendations as to which brand i should be looking at? I would love to see your oval pictures!
  4. B

    Classic or FB 9x6 Pear or 8x6 Oval

    I originally had a 9x6 cz pear and went to a 7x5 FB Oval. The oval stone is beautiful but it is so small compared to my old pear. Now that I have it I think I really do miss the pear and think I want to get another pear or a bigger oval. I like the oval but my pear felt so much more original...
  5. stacksquared

    Oval AG vs Oval F1/FB - Opinions?

    Hi friends! This is my first post on the new forum:) So I'm in the market for an 8x6 ish Oval (that I'm going to put into a rose gold Gelin Abaci tension setting - eeee!) and I'm having a hard time deciding between Amora Gem and Forever One (or Forever Brilliant). Here's a video of them for...