1. talk-admin

    Phoenix Moissanite, OEC cut!

    Hi all, I'm happy to announce that we are now offering our Phoenix Moissanite in an OEC cut: These are full OEC with the proper open culet as you can see. We had a few random Phoenix certed recently (as a sample set, we're not offering individual certs like the Amora) and one OEC actually...
  2. W

    Amora Gem OEC Redesign/Relaunch

    Hi there, Long-time lurker but first-time poster :) I know a lot of people are desperately waiting for SH eternity rounds, in addition to AVC and krupps, and many other cuts. Do you think / have you heard anything about BTD planning to re-design the OEC with the new software + produce it with...
  3. M

    6.5mm Old European Cut Moissanite C&C Solitaire

    I've listed a ring on DiamondBistro to help fund the purchase of a new stone for my engagement ring. My boyfriend bought this off DiamondBistromg but I can't remember who the seller was! Please let me know if you're interested. :)
  4. blingergrrrl

    My Forever Brilliant & Classic OEC three stone ring!

    My hubby just got a new Macro lens for his camera so I finally got some decent shots to share with you all. First the stats: Centre: 7.5mm FB OEC Sidestones: 5.5mm unenhanced but hand picked OECs Setting: 14kt white gold Cartier style (cathedral basket) three stone Finger size: 6 I love when a...
  5. L

    7mm or 7.5mm?

    Hello! Would anyone be willing to post pics of either 7mm or 7.5mm round solitaires on size 6.5 - 7 fingers? I'm trying to nail down which size for a new project. I currently have 6.5mm and 8mm stone rings. I'd like something larger than the 6.5 but I find the 8mm feels to big for me. Thank...