1. Missty

    Moissanite, same toughness/hardness different brands?

    QHi, I’m new here so here it goes my first question....I’m about to buy my first moissanite and have been searching a lot. I’ve read about moissanite’s properties on hardness-toughness-clarity etc. There are well known brands such as c&c and others like timeless that you cant find a lot of info...
  2. Ladybug2

    Overnight Phoenix earrring studs

    Hey there! I haven’t posted anything for a looooolng time. I think the last time I did was when I had just received my Amora Gem ultras that I had set into stud earrings. I loved them then and I still love them.. they are gorgeous but I wanted another pair that are a little smaller and a little...
  3. S

    Barely Pinks are back, baby!

    I just got the best email update from schubach. Ever. Barely Pinks are back in production!! They will not be selling loose stones as you have to buy the stone in a custom setting. So exciting! I want a 2ct cushion cut OMC. Does anyone still have one and love it?
  4. F

    RE setting 2.5ct moissanite into bezel

    Hi guys Ive got a beautiful tiffany style engagement ring, 6 prongs, 8.5mm moissanite (2.5ct) it was originally schubach , bought second hand on the bistro but now with a toddler i'm constantly banging it.. I'm considering having the stone reset into a bezel like this with matching wedding bands...
  5. C

    Diamelia vs. NEO Moissanite vs. C&C H&A Moissanite

    Hi, everyone. I am interested in the Diamelia but would like to be extra certain before purchasing because of the stores' restocking charges. I know of their basic differences -- Diamelia has a smooth, thicker girdle unlike diamond, NEO resembles diamond in specs, and H&A has the H&A cut but...
  6. M

    Need advice on emerald cut

    I'm working on deciding the details for my ring and wanted some advice. I'm looking to get a 9x7 emerald moissanite and feel overwhelmed. 1. What stone would look best? Forever 1 colorless is my first inclination. 2. I hear talk about windmills but I'm not sure what that means and which...
  7. M

    6.5mm Old European Cut Moissanite C&C Solitaire

    I've listed a ring on DiamondBistro to help fund the purchase of a new stone for my engagement ring. My boyfriend bought this off DiamondBistromg but I can't remember who the seller was! Please let me know if you're interested. :)
  8. moissydiva

    Asscher cut moissanite?

    I just saw on MoCo's website that they're offering asscher cut moissy's. Holy moly! Does anyone have one, or have you seen one? I thought I'd have to wait until Amora came out with some but I would love to get one now! This is my favorite cut next to Emerald, it's a tie probably. If anyone knows...
  9. Nymphaea

    Rose Cut Pear Moissanite is listed!

    I finally got around to listing it. It just isn't getting the attention it deserves and has only been worn a handful of times (no pun intended! :p) Rose Cut Pear Moissanite & Diamond Ring- Video! : Moissanite Center Stone
  10. M

    "Antique Square" Moissanite?

    Is the "Antique Square" a different cut from the regular cushion moissanite? I thought antique cuts were never made for moissanite, aside from the round OEC. ANTIQUE SQUARE CUT GENUINE MOISSANITE LOOSE GEMSTONE Antique Square Moissanite Branch Ring Antique Square Moissanite and Diamond Halo...
  11. P

    TRANSGEMS moissanite - has anyone heard or try them?

    I am seeing this name brand (Transgems) a lot on ebay and aliexpress. I believe they are an Asian producer of colourless moissanites. I'd still stick with AG or C&C moissies but the good thing about Transgems is they produce colourless melees. Has anyone had any experience with them? THANKS.
  12. MrsGotRocks 4.5ctw Shared Prong Eternity

    @lorrissey and those of you wondering about the durability of moissanite and moissy eternities, this is a shared prong eternity ring I purchased from in 2010. Aside from having to replace 1 stone a month after initial purchase ( and Mike C were very professional...