gold ring

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    The only thing I have from my dad is his ring

    hi, A couple of months ago my father passed away and the only thing I have from him is his ring that he wore for at least 24 years (I'm 24). Somehow I've never asked him about it even though he always had it on his finger and he also had a habit to touch it and play with it whenever he was...
  2. N

    Wedding rings with ceramic

    Hi, my name is Nemanja i was wondering does anyone have exp with wedding rings that have ceramic inlay, i am not talking about those high tech ceramics whole rings, i want to make 14k with gold ring with ceramic inlay Like This I was thinkin maybe zirconium?
  3. A

    Need help identifying very old gold ring with a mysterious emblem.

    I received this as a gift from my mother, the only info I have is that my great grandfather sent this from Poland, would guess that it dates back to late 1800s to early 1900s. His family name was Ostrowski. Any clues would be appreciated as this symbol is a mystery to us.