1. J

    Where to buy an Engagement Ring in Birmingham, UK?

    Hey! Looking to propose to my girlfriend soon and I currently live in Birmingham. I've been looking online at the likes of Engagement Rings | Diamond Heaven & various other jewellers based in the Jewellery Quarter. Can anyone recommend a good one to look into? I've got a budget of around...
  2. D

    Need help getting value from old/new engagement ring!

    Hey guys, 1st off im new to this forum and i know nothing about jewelry so bare with me. Long story short i have an engagement ring i bought about 10 yrs ago but never gave it to the girl, im now with my current girlfriend and going on 5 years, looking to get engaged. I do not want to give her...
  3. julieinkc

    Liz C Annette halo and matching eternity band

    I've had a lot of interest in these items. but have yet to sell them. It's hard for me to let go, because they are SO beautiful and I paid so much for them, but I know I'll never wear them again (another broken relationship story).I keep thinking I'll wear the Annette as a RHR, but never have...
  4. misslanalove

    My e-ring as promised!

    "" Here is the video from my jeweler once it was completed. Let me tell you what extensive research we both had to do when comparing different side stones, size carats, and prong style. We compared many rings, to the way it is set to the style of the shank. Finally, it was all placed on the CAD...