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    Avarra Lab Grown Colombian Emeralds, Emerald Cut restock

    HI all, We've restocked our Avarra lab grown Emerald, in the Timeless Emerald cut, with sizes from 6x4mm - 11x9mm! Avarra™ Lab Grown Emeralds - Emerald cuts Best regards, Less
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    Avarra Lab Grown Colombian Emeralds are available, $80/ct!

    Hi all, I'm pleased to announce that we are able to offer our Avarra Lab Grown Colombian Emeralds again, and at lower pricing of $80/ct! The factory was moved and rebuilt and production is now steady so we are offering these stunning Emeralds as custom cut so you can have the emerald of your...
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    Amora Gem 'Super Ideal' Krupps (Emerald) cut - measurements and update

    Hi all, Thanks to your feedback we have finalized the Amora Super Ideal Krupps design and will start lasering rough for it in August! I wanted to note that the 'chunky' size that was the winner (length - width 1.268) is also the best performer in terms of light handling vs the more elongated...