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    Forever One Hearts & Arrows vs. Diamelia Blazing Arrows

    After doing a LOT of exhaustive research (including many of your helpful posts on these forums!), I have ordered two stones to consider for my recently purchased engagement ring setting. The two best prospects I've settled on are the Charles and Clovard Forever One Hearts & Arrows and the...
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    Diamelia vs. NEO Moissanite vs. C&C H&A Moissanite

    Hi, everyone. I am interested in the Diamelia but would like to be extra certain before purchasing because of the stores' restocking charges. I know of their basic differences -- Diamelia has a smooth, thicker girdle unlike diamond, NEO resembles diamond in specs, and H&A has the H&A cut but...
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    My Diamelia (Diamonna) Ring

    Hi all, I just wanted to say thank you for helping me learn about all the great options out there and finally narrow it down to the one that's right for us! Ron was great and worked really well with us to create our custom design. It was a super positive experience all around! The Diamelia is...