1. K

    AVAKIAN 18k bracelet

    so I was digging through some pieces of jewelry at a swap meet the other weekend when I stumbled on a bracelet marked AVAKIAN and on the other side of the clasp shows 750 AL. Now I knew 750 stood for 18k so I bought it and took it home to test it. The metal held to the 18k acid though when I...
  2. blingergrrrl

    My Forever Brilliant & Classic OEC three stone ring!

    My hubby just got a new Macro lens for his camera so I finally got some decent shots to share with you all. First the stats: Centre: 7.5mm FB OEC Sidestones: 5.5mm unenhanced but hand picked OECs Setting: 14kt white gold Cartier style (cathedral basket) three stone Finger size: 6 I love when a...