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    Any news on ETA for AVC cushion?

    I've been waiting forever for one and it will be a while I'm sure before I will be able to buy the one I want in the size and color, but has anyone heard or seen anything lately? I haven't seen anything from BTD themselves for a while, either on the blog or website and it doesn't seem like...
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    Depth issues with the amora gem

    Hi all, In various posts I have seen that there have been a few concerns over the amora gem not appearing to have "depth". I know the new soaring hearts may have addressed this for the round cut...but I was wondering if all the amora gem cuts have this depth issue? I'm thinking of getting a...
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    AVC Amora Gem: updates as to stock?

    Hi everyone! I'm new here but it seems this is a good place to start learning about the Amora Gem.... I haven't found too much info online but from the photos I have seen and the videos I've watched, I've fallen in love with the AG AVC... does anyone know when they will be back in stock and...