1. O

    My Diamelia (Diamonna) Ring

    Hi all, I just wanted to say thank you for helping me learn about all the great options out there and finally narrow it down to the one that's right for us! Ron was great and worked really well with us to create our custom design. It was a super positive experience all around! The Diamelia is...
  2. G

    Asscher Moissanite

    Since it appears it is going to be awhile for Asschers to be produced here at BTD can anyone give some insight on the new Forever One Asscher? It looks great online and the price is great. I am running out of time here since I have been waiting for months now. Are the forever one asschers...
  3. moissydiva

    Asscher cut moissanite?

    I just saw on MoCo's website that they're offering asscher cut moissy's. Holy moly! Does anyone have one, or have you seen one? I thought I'd have to wait until Amora came out with some but I would love to get one now! This is my favorite cut next to Emerald, it's a tie probably. If anyone knows...