1. Delectable

    Help me Find A Cathedral Engagement Ring With Milgrain, Bead, Grain and Pave Please. See Photos.

    Hi all, I'm looking for an engagement ring with knife edge milgrain, pave or grain settings tapered to cathedral head with a small hidden halo. I'll like it with small good quality diamonds but I'm setting the centre with a moissanite. Thank you.
  2. B

    Handarbeit Antique 835 Silver Tea/brunch set? Need help!

    Hello all, I am a first-time poster who is struggling to find any details on an antique silver tea and ice holder set left to us by our great grandmother. They tarnish so I know they have some amount of silver in them, and as seen in the photos, are stamped 835 or European-grade. The set...
  3. M

    Engagement ring dilemma

    Unsure about a ring choice and would like a few optinions if you have a spare min.
  4. B

    Unknown silver ring. Maybe days stirWling <NRL>

    I've found a ring. I have no information on it besides I found it while cleaning my grandparents house & No one knows where it came from. Its engraved on the inside of the band "Sterling" with either a W or a S in the middle of the word, followed by NRL or MRL inside of a horizontal diamond...
  5. A

    100 Year old Tie Pin, 2 Carat Diamond with Rubies. Any Thoughts?

    I received this piece from my Great Aunt. It has been in the family for over 100 years and she is ready to let it go. It was originally a tie pin, converted to a ring, now a necklace. I am looking to see if anyone knows or has seen any similar pieces. The center diamond is 2 carats, surrounded...
  6. B

    Oval Moissanite Herro or JYB

    i really would love an oval stone and I like antique stones. I do not like the crushed ice look or the bow tie. Any recommendations as to which brand i should be looking at? I would love to see your oval pictures!
  7. A

    Need help identifying very old gold ring with a mysterious emblem.

    I received this as a gift from my mother, the only info I have is that my great grandfather sent this from Poland, would guess that it dates back to late 1800s to early 1900s. His family name was Ostrowski. Any clues would be appreciated as this symbol is a mystery to us.