1. talk-admin

    Latest Amora Restock - multiple D/IF!

    Hi all, We've just restocked with another set of Amora's. This set included several D/IF, something we haven't seen for a while. Here's the range of Amora's restocked: Asscher - 2.46ct - 3.12ct, D/IF - G/VS2 Cushion H&A - 3.31ct - 3.48ct, D color, IF-VVS1 Krupps - 7.14ct (!) - D/VS2 Eternity...
  2. EllieBrant

    Absolutely Beautiful Buy from Karamia!

    I purchased a loose Amora gem from Ms. Karamia, and have been blown away by not only the beauty of this great steal, but also the total world-class service that came with it! This seller is responsive, attentive, warm/kind yet professional, and was SO in tuned with my needs as a buyer (i.e. she...
  3. G

    Eternity H&A???

  4. J

    Green Amora Gem

    Here's a couple quick video of one of the two green Amora gems from the previous batch for anyone who's curious! I'll upload some photos later when I get the chance! Here's another video of the Amora Gem compared to a couple green moissanites I bought a while back from eBay
  5. N

    Any news on ETA for AVC cushion?

    I've been waiting forever for one and it will be a while I'm sure before I will be able to buy the one I want in the size and color, but has anyone heard or seen anything lately? I haven't seen anything from BTD themselves for a while, either on the blog or website and it doesn't seem like...
  6. B

    Diamond vs Amora vs Moissy

    Hey all! I saw a couple of cool videos (you can still check them out on fire and brilliances Instagram for maybe a couple more hours in their instagram story) comparing the three stones! I screen shot a couple of pics for people who wanted to see the comparison! Disclaimer: The AG used is an...
  7. B

    are they going to restock?!

    So from what I've read on their Facebook it sounds like AG's will be restocked tomorrow? I wonder if this will actually happen. Has anyone read/heard anything??
  8. P

    Help! Pairing F1 with Amora gem?

    Hi, I'm looking to have a 3 stone ring made. The idea was to have the middle stone be amora (2.7-3.5ct) and 0.5ct C&C F1 each for the side stone. I'm in love with the Amora and would love to have the whole thing done in Amora but Amora doesn't make small sizes hence the substituting with the...
  9. P

    Amora first generation vs. Amora Ultra (and future successors)

    Hi all, I'm looking to buy an Amora cushion cut but with Tiger constantly being "sick", I don't know if I have the time to wait a year for it. I did notice on Moissanite & Co. that they have some of the original Amora gems. So here are my questions: 1) Anyone out there with the original...
  10. amoramore

    Bought My First Amora Gem!!

    Hi guys, I'm so excited I have to share!!! I finally found my perfect (and first) Amora Gem and it will be here tomorrow!! It's a 4 carat D IF H&A cushion cut!! :D
  11. K

    Wink CZ vs Amora?

    Hello! I have been reading through the forum this past week or so and am so happy to have found it! I wondered if anyone could give me opinions on the Amora vs. Wink CZ? I've never considered a CZ until very recently and had my heart set on the Amora... I'd like it to look as close to a diamond...
  12. N

    AVC Amora Gem: updates as to stock?

    Hi everyone! I'm new here but it seems this is a good place to start learning about the Amora Gem.... I haven't found too much info online but from the photos I have seen and the videos I've watched, I've fallen in love with the AG AVC... does anyone know when they will be back in stock and...