amora gem ultra

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    Diamonna vs MossaniteCo H&A vs Amora Gem (Soaring Hearts and Ultra) vs Forever One

    After spending almost a year trying to find a stone for my engagement ring I could be happy with, I thought I would share my experience and my opinions on each of the stones. I personally have seen all of the following: Charles and Colvard Moissanite Classic Charles and Colvard Forever One...
  2. B

    are they going to restock?!

    So from what I've read on their Facebook it sounds like AG's will be restocked tomorrow? I wonder if this will actually happen. Has anyone read/heard anything??
  3. talk-admin

    New Ultra H&A design

    Hi all, After a week of nearly non-stop computer optimization and testing to ensure the broadest possible range of parameter testing before we went into production, we've found a new peak output design for the Ultra. Internally named Soaring Hearts (since it surpassed the Flying Hearts design...